About Us

Welcome to Gulp Fiction! 

Here you will find reviews on current books, movies and TV shows. It is our aim to review two books and one movie per week while TV shows will be reviewed the day after they have aired first in either the UK or the USA. This isn't set in stone though and will vary slightly depending on how hectic our 9-5 working lives are. 

The movies we will be reviewing are a mixture of current movies on at the cinema and movies we've only just discovered that are so mind-blowing we HAD to talk about them. 

TV Show reviews will be as frequent and regular as possible. Of course we won't be reviewing ALL the shows because we would never ever be able to leave our computers and end up all fat and misshapen like the human beings in Wall-E. We have our own favourites like Game of Thrones and Grey's Anatomy so we'll be sticking with stuff like that. 

When it comes to books we tend to read a lot of YA fiction but we might occasionally dabble into other stuff  too. Expect a good mixture. 

Everything will be rated from 1 to 5 stars with 1 being total, utter rubbish and 5 being so amazing that our brains have exploded with outrageously positive adjectives. 

The Reviewers...


Amber has just graduated  from De Montfort University with a degree in English Literature and Creative Writing. You'll come to learn that she is a complete nut for anything Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter related and will quote them all the time. 


Sarah is our expert in all things Television and will review shows every week. She has a degree in Film and Creative Writing from De Montfort University and has a ridiculously amazing ability to relate any real life situation back to a TV show or movie. 

Cool. Cool, cool cool. 

The Artist...


Hannah is responsible for Gulp Fiction artwork - the most prominent piece of her work used on the blog is in the site's logo which is based on an iconic Uma Thurman pose from Pulp Fiction. When it comes to drawing the only thing Amber and Sarah are good at is playing stick-man wars during a lecture, so Hannah has swooped in like Tony Stark with all her actual sketching and tech to save the day. You can find out more about her designs here: