Thursday, 23 January 2014

S1x11 - The Originals: Après Moi, Le Déluge

Aired 21/01/14 on The CW

Okay so I'm just going to be honest... I cried. This episode had my face leaking from my eyes, nose and mouth. I think there might even have been some snot bubbles at one point. It was a hardcore episode with a lot of drama and some earthquakes and a death... a really sad, heroic death. In fact it kinda reminded me of Buffy the Vampire Slayer; an apocalypse was about to go down, our heroes (anti-heroes or whatever they are) were at odds about how to stop the impending doom, and it all boiled down to one young girl, sacrificing herself for the cause. It was a great episode - probably the best one to date. 

It started with Davina throwing a major tantrum - now when I throw a tantrum I shout a bit and maybe stomp my foot, but Davina literally throws a tantrum. She used her witch powers to throw plates, ornaments and even Marcel against the wall. The Original family were sat in the other room, listening to it all without batting an eyelid, though they did have a dig at Klaus for killing Tim the fiddle-player. Of course they finally took Davina's tantrum seriously when her anger caused an earthquake in the French Quarter. Nothing like an earthquake to shake things up, eh? 

So as it turns out, Davina was starting to lose control of all that magic inside of her. She vomited up some dirt and there was an earthquake, and then we were informed that there would soon be a lot of wind, a flood and some fire to burn everyone left. Oh and then Davina would die. So basically, the big plan was to complete the Harvest - kill Davina sooner rather than later so that there would be none of this god-awful bad weather stuff - and then she was to be resurrected with the other young witches that were killed during the first attempt of the Harvest. Except of course the Harvest didn't go according to plan because Sabine stole the power from under everyone's nose and resurrected some other witches - including the creepy old witch that was in charge of the previous Harvest. To sum up, the wrong people got resurrected. Instead of four young girls, we got some creepy people instead... and oh my goodness it was ridiculously emotional. Oh and Sabine? Not really Sabine. She's actually Elijah's ex-love Celeste in disguise - I told you it was creepy. 

Marcel was distraught when he realised that Davina wasn't coming back - he smashed up some chairs and cried. I have always been a little indifferent towards Marcel - sometimes I've liked him and sometimes he's just been an annoyance like a bit of background noise, but wow did he really tug on the heartstrings. His affection for Davina was suddenly so real; he tried so hard to protect her, even tried to hide her for a little while, but then she died anyway. They had a heart to heart right before she died; Davina told him it was okay, she should sacrifice herself so that nobody else could be hurt - it was such a Buffy/Dawn moment and then he carried her to her death and held her as her throat was slit. It was seriously intense and that's when I started bawling like the baby I am. Hayley had to look away and the Original family were all distraught too. Even Klaus looked devastated. He went after Marcel and pulled him into a brotherly hug... A hug which I'm sure was the cause of my snot bubble. 

After acting like an uncaring, idiot for the past couple of episodes, Klaus finally showed his softer side; something I definitely prefer! He sensed some underlying tension between Hayley and Elijah, caused by the fact that she went behind his back in the previous episode, and simply told her that an apology would suffice because Elijah had a beautifully, forgiving nature. He also caught her crying while she sorted out some tinned food, so he took her to the Church and revealed that he was helping out the poor werewolves. For once Hayley looked at him with something other than disgust that mirrored my own reaction to the guy - I think I've forgiven him for killing Timmy now. 

Another character that I actually can't stand also caused an emotional reaction from me that I didn't expect at all... As Sophie realised that the Harvest had failed and her niece wasn't coming back to life, like Marcel she could do nothing but weep over her dead body. It reminded me that while I had never approved of her methods in the past, Sophie had been fighting for someone she loved too.

Now if all that emotional intensity hadn't been enough, we then got the confrontation between Hayley and Elijah, followed by the almost-kiss. Oh wow do the writers love to taunt us... Just when I thought it was going to happen Elijah pulled back and Hayley walked away, her coat flapping against the night-wind. A great scene, yet so damn torturous. 

Like I said, this episode really had everything: drama, emotion, a couple of jokes, some sexual tension, an apocalypse to thwart... And it wasn't even a season finale or anything! It reminded me of why I love TV. I was gripped and I feel like my investment in the show has really paid off. Davina's death was a great plot and I feel like the show went in a great direction, allowing us to explore the emotions of all of the characters. When the episode finished and I finally stopped crying, I realised that it probably isn't the last of Davina. As we know from TVD, in this world anyone can come back from the dead. That thought is keeping me going. I know that Davina will return and I can't wait for that moment. Watch this space...