Monday, 27 January 2014

S1x10 - The Tomorrow People: The Citadel

The Tomorrow People is back to the usual dose of rebelling against Ultra while Stephen remains heavily under suspicion. The last time we saw our TP heroes, Stephen has just died in order to reach Limbo where his father Roger was stuck and woken up saying they needed to find Roger’s body. In their little limbo interaction Roger told Stephen to find someone called Simon Plane and to find his body so he could try and return to the living world. While Stephen was very gung-ho about immediately setting out to do just that, it was only the B story of the episode as we focused on new leader Cara and her quest to take the Citadel.

The Citadel is a prison in the research facility of Ultra where one of the ‘experiments’ escaped by duping the guards to let him out without the power stopping handcuffs working, using the hand of another prisoner who had willingly cut it off. Lovely. If that wasn’t an indicator that maybe his time in the Citadel turned him a bit desperate, Errol went about trying to find his wife who had moved on, acting all unstable with his powerful telepathic abilities.

This storyline had potential to be really interesting as we could have found out more about what Ultra does with the imprisoned Tomorrow People but honestly, this whole storyline kind of annoyed me. It was really only a device to show how newly appointed lair leader Cara handles the responsibility, and I thought it was all a bit out of character. When they successfully rescued Errol from Ultra’s retrieval team, Cara read his mind to find out where the Citadel was so they could go back and rescue the other prisoners.

While she has always been focused on helping other Tomorrow People, as a leader in this episode she was needlessly reckless in her execution. She always served as a counter balance for John when he made plans, often citing where his plans were weak or dangerous. When John tried to do the same she completely ignored him and went full steam ahead to the Citadel. Even when it was apparent it was a trap she still refused to leave, only going when Errol sacrificed himself so she and one of the prisoners Charlotte could escape, and that was only because John showed up to help. I really think they could have written this better, as her becoming leader doesn’t justify the sudden recklessness she has. John only just managed to convince her not to take Morgan, who is hiding with the TP after Jedikiah faked her death, back to Ultra to show Jedikiah that she was serious about the war.

She is also the only one who doesn’t really believe that Stephen’s father is in limbo, although it is a pretty outlandish story so who can blame her. While Stephen was all about finding Simon Plane and his father’s body, he actually spent most of the episode laid up in bed with a gunshot wound after being shot by John to make it look like he wasn’t part of their plan to free Errol. Because shooting your friend to prove their innocence is a thing in this show apparently.

Although it did convince Jedikiah at first, once he had some time to think about it he realised that it was the perfect way to deflect suspicion from the Citadel heist, especially as the highly trained John only shot the fleshy part of his shoulder. Stephen got pissed at the suspicion that was still there (although really he doesn’t have a leg to stand on) and had a go at Jedikiah, spouting that he has earned their trust by now. He also managed to convince him to tell him about Simon Plane, which didn’t turn out so well as Jedikiah showed him a folder with a picture of his dead body, saying he broke into Ultra to try and steal Roger’s corpse. He then said that he had Roger cremated, seemingly putting an end to Stephen’s quest, but John and Russell didn’t buy it, so apparently that’s still happening.

I’m not against this plot as The Tomorrow People has already shown that it doesn’t drag out storylines, but this one has the potential to go all the way to the end of the season so I hope they do it right and not let it drag out needlessly.

The C story of the episode involved Stephen’s mother having a new boyfriend, who seemed legit until Stephen tried to read his mind at the end of the episode and only got a headache from the shielding he has. A shielded mind indicates he knows about the Tomorrow People, but is he a good guy or a bad guy? I guess we’ll find out soon enough… until next time.